Ready for Takeoff

I'm semi-retired from guestbooks, but this one was too fun not to share.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of creating an airplane-themed guestbook for a world-traveling couple.

I love the newly married couple as the pilot and co-pilot!

Retro fonts and ben-day dots channeled 1960s airline posters.

You never know how guests will actually sign the guestbook once they see it... but it's fun for everyone!

Can you spy the parachuter?


One Bride, Two Ways

A lovely friend of mine commissioned a drawing from her wedding, but couldn't decide what medium would best represent the moment she chose.

She sent a gorgeous photo of her father walking her down the aisle.  He's beaming at his daughter while she reflects that radiant smile toward her future husband.  (I can personally attest that I've never seen a more joyful, exuberant bride walk down an aisle - her happiness was infectious!)

How to best show that on paper?  I tried two ways: pen-and-ink and charcoal.

On one hand, I like the ink cross-hatching on structured things like the suit.  But the charcoal gave the figures much softer suggestions of expression.

With two portraits to choose from, the only remaining decision for the bride was which to keep and which to give to her father!  She's beautiful either way.  :)


Delinquent (with a side of portraits)

I am currently staring at (and avoiding) a list with 15 ideas for blog posts.  I drafted it last year and haven't even touched it yet in 2016.  There is SO MUCH I need to catch up on!

Talking to some current clients put me in a lovey-dovey mood and reminded me of this sweet engagement portrait I did for a couple last fall.  

This was a little 11x14" painting on wood.  The very smooth texture was great for laying down fine details.

The texture showed up really well when it was all dry and finished.

Love watching the progress from monochrome underpainting to final piece!

I'll try to update more soon and fill in some of the work I've done in the last year.  Lots to show you!

Wedding Bells in the Big Easy

This summer, I was commissioned to paint a custom save-the-date for a friend's wedding in New Orleans.

The ceremony would take place at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, and the reception would be at the Orleans Club.  These sites are just a few blocks apart on St. Charles Avenue.  

So gorgeous!  We wanted both stunning locations featured on the save-the-date.

In New Orleans, wedding parties will sometimes have a "Second Line Parade" after the ceremony, where a big brass jazz band, along with the bride and groom, lead a parade of guests down the street.  The first time I saw this, I was baffled by all the umbrellas and handkerchiefs and the whole shebang... so it left a lasting impression.

My client sought the perfect unique New Orleans motif that didn't include the famous streetcars of St. Charles Avenue.  The second line parade seemed like a natural fit!  What a celebration!

We tested out some type options and decided to mimic the famous tile lettering that decorates the streets of New Orleans

From pencil drawings to watercolor:

When the actual piece arrived in the mail, guests knew they were in for a big, beautiful party!


Congrats, Ali and Dean!  Laissez les bon temps rouler!