Trunk show today!

Anyone in the Triangle area of North Carolina, stop by and say hello today from noon to 4!

This is the first time I've ever been part of a trunk show.  As an artist who works on commission, I don't have many works on hand.  Once a piece is complete, I ship it as soon as it's dry.  I hope my offerings don't look too dinky for the ladies of Chapel Hill!

Also, I have new gift certificates available for the holidays!  They're adorable - more on that later.

Wish me luck!  Happy shopping!

Hello, gorgeous

I've been keeping this one a secret!  

I was dually inspired this month to try something new.  First, I've been drooling over watercolors by artists like PVE, Inslee, Taylor, and others, and wanted to give it a go.  Second, I had the most amazing time taking part in my friend Lisa's October wedding.  She's a beautiful person on the inside and out, always considering the world with eyes wide open and a radiant smile.  She consistently challenges me and expands my perspective.

I took a sneaky iPhone pic while she was waiting for guests to arrive at the reception site, and the light fell beautifully on her dress.  I used that shot as my inspiration to experiment with watercolor portraits.

Here she is!


One funny thing that happened during framing...

I put the mat up on the window, so I could see through it and align the painting and tape it to the back of the mat.  The sun was setting just so, so that the painting glowed in reverse.  I tried to take some photos because I just liked how it looked.  The one below is silly.  :)

Here she goes, nice and framed, getting all packed up for delivery!  So long for now, dear friend!  You are lovely!

Sittin' on the dock of the… river

Thank heavens for thoughtful groomsmen!

18x24" oil on canvas

18x24" oil on canvas

This is a painting of the dock where Richard proposed to Laura.  Richard's twin brother Charles organized this joint groomsmen gift for the couple.  It was a rush, but we had it ready in time to present at their rehearsal dinner.  How sweet is this group of groomsmen to go in on a painting together?

Charles initially sent me some photos of the property that conveyed the site's beauty… but not on that particular rainy day.  Later, he was able to send some bright, sunny photos, but the composition wasn't quite as captivating as the rainy photos.  So, we combined our favorites from the two photo sessions:

(boat omitted)

(boat omitted)

Et voilá!  A sunny, beautiful painting of the place where Richard and Laura decided to spend their lives together.

Sure do love that texture.

Two months 'til Christmas already!?

Has this fall snuck up on anyone else besides me?  Maybe because it's still in the 70s in North Carolina… but the holidays seem soooo far away!  Alas, they're right around the corner.  

In my attempts to wrangle my business calendar, I've laid out my upcoming projects and realized there isn't a lot of space in there before the Christmas rush.  I don't mean to blatantly pressure anybody here… but if you were thinking about an AJC Christmas gift, now is the time to let me know!  

I'm also coming up with a cute design for gift cards, so your art recipient can participate in the commission process if you want them to (and we won't have to rush the actual painting).

Gifting artwork is really a joy… sometimes I have the honor of delivering artwork in person, and sometimes my clients send photos of their recipients enjoying the gift.  It's always unexpected and always unique.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!  

...and wish me luck in the coming months - it's going to be a madhouse around here! :)