Wedding Bells in the Big Easy

This summer, I was commissioned to paint a custom save-the-date for a friend's wedding in New Orleans.

The ceremony would take place at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, and the reception would be at the Orleans Club.  These sites are just a few blocks apart on St. Charles Avenue.  

So gorgeous!  We wanted both stunning locations featured on the save-the-date.

In New Orleans, wedding parties will sometimes have a "Second Line Parade" after the ceremony, where a big brass jazz band, along with the bride and groom, lead a parade of guests down the street.  The first time I saw this, I was baffled by all the umbrellas and handkerchiefs and the whole shebang... so it left a lasting impression.

My client sought the perfect unique New Orleans motif that didn't include the famous streetcars of St. Charles Avenue.  The second line parade seemed like a natural fit!  What a celebration!

We tested out some type options and decided to mimic the famous tile lettering that decorates the streets of New Orleans

From pencil drawings to watercolor:

When the actual piece arrived in the mail, guests knew they were in for a big, beautiful party!


Congrats, Ali and Dean!  Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Central Park Boathouse

My lovely friend Hillery posted a gorgeous photo on Instagram, and it sent my mind spinning.

The photo is gorgeous on its own - she could frame it as-is.  But I was looking for inspiration to show stationers how my custom paper illustrations would work, and this hit the perfect note.

Wanna see?

First, I created an illustration in black and white.

Then, at this point, you could color it in lots of ways.  I like to use hand-applied watercolor.  

Some options:

Once you have the image you like... there are so many possibilities!

These images led to a spread in my new retail portfolio... more on that later.

I love creating these paper pieces!  If you're interested in custom, one-of-a-kind artwork for your events or social correspondence... I'm your girl!