One Bride, Two Ways

A lovely friend of mine commissioned a drawing from her wedding, but couldn't decide what medium would best represent the moment she chose.

She sent a gorgeous photo of her father walking her down the aisle.  He's beaming at his daughter while she reflects that radiant smile toward her future husband.  (I can personally attest that I've never seen a more joyful, exuberant bride walk down an aisle - her happiness was infectious!)

How to best show that on paper?  I tried two ways: pen-and-ink and charcoal.

On one hand, I like the ink cross-hatching on structured things like the suit.  But the charcoal gave the figures much softer suggestions of expression.

With two portraits to choose from, the only remaining decision for the bride was which to keep and which to give to her father!  She's beautiful either way.  :)