Dream Big


Not every bride is considerate enough to present her mom with a gift on her wedding day.  (I know I didn’t think of it… sorry, Mom!  I wish I had!)

This sweet daughter has a one-of-a-kind mom who has always made her dreams come true.  When they were planning her wedding, they comfortably threw around idea after idea, each bigger and more impressive than the last.

The most off-the-wall idea was to put swans in the reflecting pool at the reception site: Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.  Swans became a running joke between them when it came to wedding planning, representing that pie-in-the-sky dream that seemed a little too far out. 

The bride sent me some photos of the reception site and asked me to illustrate the gardens with swans and lily pads in the reflecting pool.  What a dreamy vision.


This gift will symbolize the big dreams the daughter feels capable of reaching, thanks to her mom, who taught her to imagine them.  All the best wishes and lots of love to these two amazing women!