Real-time update: a guestbook in progress

I got the most exciting text this weekend!

I'd been asked to create a guestbook for Kristen and Drew's wedding on July 12.  To my surprise, my client sent me a picture of the guestbook under way!

This was such a treat, as I rarely get to see these guestbooks in action.  I loved seeing how they set up the station.  I liked how they included the sample thumbprint card on the table, to show guests what to do… good thinking!

Kristen was receiving this guestbook as a wedding gift from their best man, Eric.  She plans to frame this artwork in their living room, which has a lot of deep blue and green.  Kristen was so nice to work with on this project, guiding me in terms of color and wording.  She also sent me a digital copy of their wedding invitation so I could mimic their chosen fonts.

Some gratuitous watercolor close-ups… loooove that watercolor effect!

Thanks so much for the update, Eric!  You have no idea how excited I was to catch a glimpse of the wedding day!