Mariemont Paint-Out

Plein air painting is not exactly a walk in the park.

That was my lesson from last weekend, when I participated in the first annual Mariemont Paint-Out.  

Organized by the Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati Foundation, here is the event description from their website:

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 6.52.18 PM.png

I've never done plein air painting before, but I adore our neighborhood, Mariemont, so I decided to give it a try.

Specialized plein air easels exist, but I don't have one... my setup probably looked ridiculous!

Personally, what I love about Mariemont (pronounced Mary-mont, for those outside Cincinnati) is the canopy of trees over the beautiful old homes.  It makes for excellent views on a walk, so I painted the bend in the road which is usually the end of my walk home:

Moving really fast - trying to capture the light while I can...

I painted for 2 hours on Friday morning, then returned at 8:30 Saturday morning to give it another go.  Took a break mid-day.  Altogether, probably spent 7 hours on this?

I realize now that I looked like a crazy person.  Oh well.

Here's my finished piece!  I love how thick and juicy the paint got while I was trying to work in some fast layers.  It was still wet when I photographed this, so please forgive the glare.

Plein air painting was a new kind of challenge for me.  It really changes the way you perceive your subject.  I'd love to exercise that technique more in the future!  

Caribbean Daydreaming

Who else is freezing these days?

Wanna take a vacation?



Me, too.

This juicy blue oil painting finally dried, so I begrudgingly said goodbye and shipped it off.  (It sure looked pretty in my living room…)  

If you get a chance, look up Cayo Espanto in Belize…  wow.  I'll never get a chance to go there, but it sure was fun having this private island all to myself for a few months! :)

A Wedding at Grand View Lodge

I just finished a very big painting with lots and lots of details!


I'll try to show you the scale of the piece… and give you an idea of how hard it can be to place suggestions of faces with even my smallest paintbrushes:


I loved the dappled light on the planters, stone, and foliage!  The trees below were cool, too:

And a shot of the well-heeled artist, hard at work:

(A friend asked what I actually wore to work every day… well, dear readers, this is it.  Yikes.  I have no idea what EEF is… my husband brought this apron home from a business trip.)

This painting is 24x36" and took a lot longer than typically expected, because of all the pockets of details… but I adore them all and hope the client will, too!  This baby will ship to Minnesota this week!

Sittin' on the dock of the… river

Thank heavens for thoughtful groomsmen!

18x24" oil on canvas

18x24" oil on canvas

This is a painting of the dock where Richard proposed to Laura.  Richard's twin brother Charles organized this joint groomsmen gift for the couple.  It was a rush, but we had it ready in time to present at their rehearsal dinner.  How sweet is this group of groomsmen to go in on a painting together?

Charles initially sent me some photos of the property that conveyed the site's beauty… but not on that particular rainy day.  Later, he was able to send some bright, sunny photos, but the composition wasn't quite as captivating as the rainy photos.  So, we combined our favorites from the two photo sessions:

(boat omitted)

(boat omitted)

Et voilá!  A sunny, beautiful painting of the place where Richard and Laura decided to spend their lives together.

Sure do love that texture.