Peaceful Nursery Mural: Bringing Home Baby

What better way to kick off blog posts in 2015 than with one of my all-time favorite projects from last year?

I'm doing this a little backwards, because I can't hold back on these new pictures...

I painted this custom nursery mural in the late summer of 2014.  It's embarrassing that I haven't posted the pictures from that yet!  I was waiting until I could snap a few photos with some furniture, and maybe some family members.  Boy, am I glad that I waited...

It was such a joy to see this mama and her baby girl enjoying the nursery together!  I love the way the metallic details catch the light ever-so-subtly… I wonder if a baby's vision can appreciate that, too?

The entire room is full of soft, cozy, neutrals, just like my client envisioned.  

They have a beautiful home with stunning architectural details, but this room underwent a MAJOR transformation… it started out pretty rough.  Fear not: the most challenging projects end up being the ones we're most proud of!  Check back tomorrow to see the before and after!

P.S. Does this mama look familiar to you?  

She's the eldest daughter in the "Towheaded Trio" portrait from last summer!  

I have to tell you, it gave me goosebumps to work on a portrait of Toddler Annie while planning her own daughter's future nursery.  (Cue the "Circle of Life" theme music…)  I'm so grateful to have been able to work on both projects… so VERY different, but I absolutely adore them both!  

Thanks for sharing your nursery with us, Annie, and congratulations on your newest addition!