Summer Portrait: Towheaded Trio

One of the most challenging and rewarding projects I completed this summer was a portrait of three siblings.

oil on canvas, 24x30"

oil on canvas, 24x30"

The painting was based on a photograph that was taken around 1990.  Don't you just love their outfits and baby blond hair?  What a fantastic source photo… the lighting was amazing!

This was my first foray into the world of 3/4 figure multi-child portraiture.  It's a huge genre, full of incredibly talented artists, so I was a little daunted to throw my name into the ring… I tried to stay true to my own style and remember every lesson from every class while channeling my portraiture icons.  Still, I learned a lot along the way, and this painting went through many revisions.  (You may have seen my Instagram posts with all kinds of red circles around what needed to change!)

I'm happy with the way everyone turned out, especially their sweet little faces!

I went all over the house, photographing the painting in different light.  I took it outside for a little while and sort of like how it looks in this photo - the painting background blends in with the foliage in the backyard!

Here's an image of the texture of the paint strokes from the side… can't fake that with a print.  Love it.

This client is framing the portrait now and eventually hanging it in their living room.  If I get to see the painting in situ, I'll be sure to update you and gush about its new home!