Prepping for the week ahead

I want to give you a little sneak peek of this week's upcoming painting project… I'm too excited to keep quiet about it!

I'm going to be working on an abstract piece for a client's gorgeous living room-in-progress.  This is my absolute favorite-favorite challenge.  Give me a space on a wall, some colors and fabrics, and let me go to town!  (Plus, I'm excited about the opportunity to build up my abstract portfolio.  You can see that my abstract portfolio is sparse compared to the oil painting portfolio, which doesn't actually correspond to the pieces that inspire me most!)

Back to the project… she's working with an interior decorator who compiled these bright fabrics:

And they're going with a light neutral on the walls...

And she's going all out with the painting, allowing it to be a big statement piece, repurposing this totally awesome gigantic gold frame:

Look at the photos of what they've already done!  

Don't you want to live here?  

I spent Sunday evening prepping my canvas and choosing colors to coordinate with her fabric samples.  I can't WAIT to make some art that's as pretty as this space!