Meet Tuck!

Some friends recently gave me some great news and feedback...

1. They read my blog!  (Hi, friends!  Glad you're here!)  

2. They like in-progress photos.  Me, too!

With my most recent dog portrait commission, I made a point to take more photos along the way.  It was 11x14" and I was told to incorporate mint, gray, and tan to match a particular color palette.  Here's what I came up with!

Kinda cool to track the progression.  This painting started from an iPhone pic of sort of poor quality… 

(Side note: not my client's fault!  This wonderfully sweet man commissioned the painting for a coworker.  Her dog, Tuck, had just passed away, and my client hoped to cheer her up.  I hope it worked!  Doesn't everybody wish for a colleague as sweet as that?)

Here is the original photo, I believe from Instagram:

If you're ever interested in progress photos, I post a lot to my Instagram account, which then get pushed through to my business Facebook page.  Hope you like!