Meet Tuck!

Some friends recently gave me some great news and feedback...

1. They read my blog!  (Hi, friends!  Glad you're here!)  

2. They like in-progress photos.  Me, too!

With my most recent dog portrait commission, I made a point to take more photos along the way.  It was 11x14" and I was told to incorporate mint, gray, and tan to match a particular color palette.  Here's what I came up with!

Kinda cool to track the progression.  This painting started from an iPhone pic of sort of poor quality… 

(Side note: not my client's fault!  This wonderfully sweet man commissioned the painting for a coworker.  Her dog, Tuck, had just passed away, and my client hoped to cheer her up.  I hope it worked!  Doesn't everybody wish for a colleague as sweet as that?)

Here is the original photo, I believe from Instagram:

If you're ever interested in progress photos, I post a lot to my Instagram account, which then get pushed through to my business Facebook page.  Hope you like!


Introducing Winston!

You may recognize him from this teaser post before the holidays, and this cropped little preview of his sweet face:

I just wanna cuddle with him all day!

Winston was a gift from Tyler Hetzer for her boyfriend, William… who is now her fiancé!  I am so excited for their little family of three.  :)  I hope William liked the painting of Winston as much as I did.  

Look at that huge puppy arm (granted, the perspective makes it look incredibly long) - he's gonna be a big boy!


I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!

…with this puppy.  And I'm not naming any names.  Yet.

anonymous black lab puppy - cropped to protect the innocent

anonymous black lab puppy - cropped to protect the innocent

I hope you got that Elf reference.  Happy Holidays!

Bird is the Word

My friend Muffy had some beautiful antique birdcage frames in her living room.  She wanted to update the birds inside and give them a modern, fresh, colorful vibe.  After searching through images of her favorite birds, we decided on these three.  I hope they make her as happy as I was painting them!

Before and after: