Green TV Stand

When we first moved in, we used a hideous TV stand from Best Buy.  Our living room is our entry room, which dictated a rather unusual layout.  The best location for our TV was against a wall that was only 40-something inches wide, so the beautiful 60" TV stands that I spotted on the Internet wouldn't work.  

I knew it was time to make something.

This project killed two birds with one stone: I needed to get that eyesore out of the living room, and I wanted to experiment with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  You don't have to sand or prime the piece before you use it!  How amazing is that?

I found this beauty for free on Craig's List:


There it stands, next to the now-replaced hideous TV stand.  Into the studio we go!


First I painted it a gorgeous Provence blue:


...and then realized the blue wouldn't match anything in the living room.

One thing you have to know about me: I try REALLY HARD to stay away from pink and green, but... the combo just calls to me.  I'm not sure if it's all the Lilly I grew up with or what, but pink and green make me SO HAPPY.

So, I painted the thing green.  I mixed Annie Sloan's Arles and Antibes Green.

It's not too feminine, right?  After all, I'm trying to create a gender-neutral household.


Then I used the Clear and Dark soft wax to make it look antique and protect the chalk paint.


Here it is in its new home!  I left the inside blue for a fun color surprise.