Evolution of a Pen-and-Ink

I'm a big fan of architectural drawings.  I recently completed a drawing of the Bloemendaal House at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.  We have friends getting married there, and they wanted to hang a drawing of the House in their home.

While I was working, I thought it would be fun to trace the evolution of the drawing.  I scanned the image as I went along.  

First, I started with a pencil sketch.

Bloemendaal 1 Pencil Drawing.jpg

Then, I started going over the lines in ink.

Bloemendaal 2 Pencil to Pen Drawing.jpg

I fleshed out the surrounding landscape a little more...

Bloemendaal 3 Pen Drawing.jpg

And finally, filled in the shadows and erased any remaining pencil lines.

Bloemendaal 4 Pen Final.jpg

I'd love to do more of these, and might start integrating watercolor... contact me if you have a building that's close to your heart, and I'll make a custom drawing for you!