Art on the Go

We are heading to Thailand!!

If I can blog from abroad, I will, but for now I wanted to show you my travel art kit!


I've chosen to experiment with soft pastels while we travel. I think it'll be much more portable than watercolors or oils, for sure. 

It all fits into my old Teen Bible cover: 



When I open it, it looks like this:


This tiny kit contains so much...

-set of soft pastels, in two boxes

-wet wipes for quick cleaning

-vine charcoal

-textured paper cut to 4x6" and 5x7" pieces, in a Ziploc bag

-foamcore board with rubber bands to use as support while drawing

-4x6" photo album with clear plastic sleeves, to hold finished drawings

-5x7" plastic sleeves

-blending sticks

-business cards (you never know!)

I can't wait to try some plein air drawing in such a stunning location!


PS - leaving my rings at home - here is my temporary replacement :)


Hoping to get a tan ASAP. 

Thanks to the "Painting My World" blog for the traveling pastel idea!