...and we're back!

Hello, friends!  Greetings from sunny Ohio!

What a whirlwind summer it has been.  How can I even begin to catch you up?

We went to Savannah, Charleston, and Boston in the spring, a beautiful wedding in St. Simons Island, then my husband graduated from his MBA program (woo!), then we moved out of our North Carolina apartment and became happily homeless for the summer.

Goodbye studio!  I loved you!

Our things in storage in the midwest, we miraculously found a house in Cincinnati in one day, spent a short week in DC, and then embarked upon the GREATEST month-long adventure of our lives!!  France.  Italy.  Art.  Food.  Drinks.  Sun.  Butchering the language.  Loving it anyway.  Repeat.

Y'all, I can't even begin to tell you about all the beautiful things... but I'll unpack them as best I can over the coming posts.



Just another day in Versailles.

Not to save all the love for France and its fancy-fance... here we are hiking Cinque Terre in Italy:  

Try not to be too jealous of my shoe + sock combo.

We made a slideshow out of a fraction of our Europe pics, and it became an hour-long YouTube video, no kidding.  Our families were so sweet to humor us and actually watch that thing.  Point is... the Europe trip might influence this blog for a long time. 

After Europe, we spent more time in DC, then were on to Louisville, KY... Birmingham, AL... New Orleans, LA... Kiln, MS... back to Washington, DC... Pawley's Island, SC... Columbus, OH... Hot Springs, AR... Louisville, KY... then we finally moved in to our new home in Cincinnati!

I'm still unpacking the studio and getting organized.  I put down a vinyl floor covering to act as a heavy-duty drop cloth (see below).  I'm pretty psyched about it... it flows with the rest of the home's hardwood floors, I don't trip on it or rip holes in it, and it will be super easy to roll up and remove from the real hardwoods underneath when we move out.  Hooray for Home Depot!

Today I'm working in the lovely Redtree Art Gallery & Coffee Shop, organizing files from the summer and figuring out who's on deck.  I can't wait to dive into these projects and get some paint in my hair!  Get ready Cinci, here I come!