Central Park Boathouse

My lovely friend Hillery posted a gorgeous photo on Instagram, and it sent my mind spinning.

The photo is gorgeous on its own - she could frame it as-is.  But I was looking for inspiration to show stationers how my custom paper illustrations would work, and this hit the perfect note.

Wanna see?

First, I created an illustration in black and white.

Then, at this point, you could color it in lots of ways.  I like to use hand-applied watercolor.  

Some options:

Once you have the image you like... there are so many possibilities!

These images led to a spread in my new retail portfolio... more on that later.

I love creating these paper pieces!  If you're interested in custom, one-of-a-kind artwork for your events or social correspondence... I'm your girl!  

Paper for Parties! Introducing Printed Invitation Design

Last night we hosted a baby shower for four of our favorite friends.  They are two couples, both of whom found out they were expecting at nearly the same time.  It has been so fun to see them prepare for their new baby girls!

It's hard to find an invitation designed for two couples.  So guess what I did?

It all started with a watercolor painting:

We wanted to host an atypical baby shower: it took place at night, and men comprised half the group.  We figured the boys might be wary of a girly "baby shower," so the drink theme made it a little more man-friendly.  This painting led to all kinds of cute party items!

Love having custom envelope liners... and look how thick these cards are!  Was so impressed by the printer.

A number of guests live in my apartment building, so I just hand-delivered the invitations.   Their envelopes looked so naked without stamps... so I made little faux stamps to go in the corner:

I made personalized notepads for the guests of honor, in hopes that they would serve as mementos from the shower once the couples move away and become families of three!

And for the rest of the guests... little baby bottle party favors with "It's a Girl!" Hershey kisses inside.  Yum.

The shower was a blast... we had the guys chugging beer out of baby bottles and other fun stuff.  I got way too into decorating for it.  Thank goodness for my husband, who inflated 50-something balloons!

Here's my little attempt at an ombre arrangement of tulips:

Cheers to the wonderful parents-to-be!  Thank you for giving us two beautiful reasons to celebrate.

On behalf of AJC... cheers to an exciting new foray into paper goods!