A little of this...

...a little of that.

I've been doing a lot of dabbling since we moved.  The great thing about my new studio setup is that I can work on lots of projects at once.  The bad thing about the new studio setup is... that I can work on lots of projects at once.  

I built this sweet double wall easel:

And to celebrate, I started... a watercolor.  Which doesn't use the wall easel at all.  Oh well!

This watercolor has been AWESOME... the client preferred an autumn setting, and the colors of the leaves REALLY make it pop!

11x17" original watercolor

11x17" original watercolor

While I was working on it, I experimented with several ways to capture the process.

I fiddled with Flipagram:

And then took some progress videos... one was excruciatingly slow, but I used iMovie to condense it from 5 minutes to 41s:

The iMovie quality is better, but this clip of painting is a little more interesting... I think?  I made it using LapseIt, which takes timelapse pictures and turns them into a video... unfortunately, it degrades the quality a little bit.  Or maybe it's just out of focus.  For your viewing pleasure:

Obviously, I'm not a technical expert.  

What do y'all think?  Which one do you like?  Or do you prefer the good-ol-composite photo, like this?

Please do let me know - I'll try to keep things as interesting as possible!

For more in-progress works, follow my Instagram @alysonjohnsoncreative

Ta-ta for now!