Holiday Gift Certificates are Here!

Happy December, everyone!  Hope you shared a happy and cozy Thanksgiving with loved ones, as we did last week in Maryland.

With Turkey Day behind us, Christmas is in full swing!  I’m finally allowing myself to put Christmas music on, which is truly the BEST part of winter.  Picture the studio packed to the brim, Michael Bublé and/or Alan Jackson at full blast, constantly refilled hot tea, and me in a whirlwind, wishing for elves to help me in the workshop.  That’ll be my December!

I am no longer accepting new commissions for 2014, but if you'd like to present a loved one with the gift of artwork this holiday season, I am excited to offer gift certificates!

You can pre-order something for 2015 and I’ll send you one of these little cuties.  They have a pretty gold foil scalloped edge and the “holiday version” of my logo.  

Here's a mockup of the filled-out gift certificate (I think it would look great in metallic gold pen):

Looking forward to a busy holiday season - bring on the Mariah Carey Christmas!