What should I call this?

Ooooh… I finished a big pretty abstract that I love!


This one was born of necessity… most of you know that my current studio doubles as our guest room.  I'm always trying to balance a peaceful, clean guest space with a functional/messy studio space.  

When you look into the room, from left to right, you see a chair, big wire shelves, and then a mattress.  I finally covered up the wire shelves (and blogged about it here) and it was a huge improvement.  Then the mattress is usually propped up against the wall like a big ghetto wannabe Murphy bed.  

With plans to wrap around the mattress, I bought some light green canvas from the fabric store.  (Artists - is this legit?  I've done the traditional canvas method, buying raw duck cotton canvas from the art supply store and stapling it around stretcher bars and then sizing and gessoing it.  In this case, I skipped the stretching and went straight to clear gesso to keep the paint from soaking through the canvas. Sort of experimental… but I dig it.)


I made a painting the size of the mattress, about 60x70".  I based it on a Monet I once saw at the VMFA and adored… but changed the scale, color, medium, etc.

Now it's a lovely backdrop AND disguises the guest bed! I love the blast of color it adds to the room.

So what should I call it?  Naming abstract art is really tough… this one has a lot of landscape elements to it, so maybe something with landscape names?  Pond… something?

it's huge!

it's huge!