Baby Boom

I'm heading to Richmond today, which seems to be the land of babies.  I didn't realize how many baby-themed projects I've been working on for Richmonders...

  • This week, I'll paint a mural in a baby girl's nursery.  It's inspired by abstract, painterly flowers… will post an update as soon as I can!
  • Delivering a stork quote for another baby girl (pictures below)
  • Delivering a large abstract painting for a boy's nursery, which coordinates with his bedding (pictures below)
  • Consulting on a baby shower project
  • And, just for fun, getting to meet two new babies belonging to dear friends… though I don't have any art for them.  Yet.

Let me show you the pieces I'm delivering!

This large abstract piece is going in a baby boy's nursery.  His parents already chose some multicolor bedding with oranges, blues, mint greens, olive, and brown.  The walls are light blue and the furniture is dark wood… they needed one big statement piece to tie in the greens and oranges.

Let me tell you, abstract painting was MUCH more difficult than I expected.  It didn't help that my client works at a renowned art museum and has quite discerning taste… the pressure was on!  I went through so many iterations of this one painting.  I wound up really liking the layers, though. 

Because abstract painting was such a new adventure for me, I made a companion painting at the same time, using the same palette.  It was fun to experiment with different styles of mark-making.  The photo below shows the baby's bedding, the final painting, and the companion painting:

I really like both!  The companion coordinates with my living room, actually… wish I could keep it!  Alas, it is for sale.  Let me know if you're interested!

I'm a sucker for detail shots...

I'm also delivering an 8x10" watercolor-and-ink stork painting!


This baby girl isn't due for a while, but I think her momma is having fun feathering the nest!  Her nursery is in pinks and neutrals… can't wait to see it in person.


All in all, I'd say this guy is keeping me busy!  Keep 'em coming, Mr. Stork!