Hi there!  Welcome to my website.

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky wanting to be an artist or art teacher - doodles and crafts filled my days.  After gaining some recognition in high school for oil painting, I decided to pursue Studio Art at the University of Virginia, and graduated with honors.  I've exhibited at the St. James Art Fair in Louisville, Kentucky and the Off-Grounds Gallery in Charlottesville, Virginia.  

My husband and I have moved from Washington, DC to Richmond, Virginia to Durham, North Carolina... and now we're happily settling into Cincinnati, Ohio.  During our travels, I honed my artistic eye through professional experience at a corporate art consulting firm, at the Smithsonian Institution, and at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  

I now work on a commission basis and love taking on a variety of projects.  My favorite challenge is creating artwork that unifies disparate elements in a room - I'm enthusiastic about home decorating and creating the exact right piece of artwork for a space.  

Most importantly, I want the piece I create for you to be unique.  Your piece from AJC will be completely custom, from the concept to its size and palette - it's made one-of-a-kind for only you.  

Whatever your interest may be, please don't hesitate to get in touch!  A sampling of the types of artwork I create:


  • portraits

  • architectural drawings and paintings

  • custom murals

  • abstract compositions to complement your palette

  • invitations and stationery

  • wedding suites

  • "blank wall" consultations


Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to talk with you soon! 


How does all of this work?


1.  You want an original piece of artwork!  I'm so glad you've found my site and want to work together.

2. Submit an initial inquiry via the website request form.

3. I'll get in touch with you to discuss more details, including subject, color scheme, size, timeframe, budget, framing, shipping, and other considerations.

4. You'll send me any relevant source materials, such as photographs or fabric.


5. I'll send you a quote which includes detailed project specifications and initial deposit information.  Your 50% (nonrefundable) deposit secures the project’s position in my work queue.

6. Work begins!  We'll stay in touch throughout the process to ensure we are on the same page and are sticking to the specs outlined in the quote. 

7. When the project is complete, I'll send you a final invoice with a shipping estimate.  Please send payment as soon as you can, and I'll deliver the artwork as promised.  I hope you love it!


An oil painting can take between two weeks and a two months to complete.  Then the paint needs to dry before I can safely ship the work, which adds appx. two weeks.  A watercolor painting or ink drawing can take up to one week, and will be ready to ship within two days.

A project is officially "booked" when I receive your deposit, and that booking places your project in the queue.  Currently I am booked about two months out, but can make exceptions in some cases.  Just email me and I'll let you know!


The cost of each piece varies based on a number of factors, including size, medium, subject, and timeframe.  Prices range from $150 to $3,000.  I have separate price lists for oil paintings, abstract paintings, works on paper, and printed invitations/stationery.  I'd be happy to send these to you upon request.


I am happy to travel for on-site jobs that are within driving distance, but may require mileage reimbursement.  Please call to discuss travel that requires flight arrangements.

Ready-made artwork for sale

Fine art prints of my original paintings are available on my Etsy site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlyJoCreative

When I have an original piece in the studio that is available to purchase, it appears on this page.  Email me for information or if you're interested in a particular piece!



The client covers the cost of packaging and shipping.  I typically ship UPS Ground, unless you require expedited shipping.  Just let me know!  

I strive to deliver artwork in the safest way possible, whether that means hand-delivery or special packaging.  Most paintings ship unframed and are very secure this way.


I want all of my clients to be thrilled with the work they receive from me.  If you need to cancel an order while it is in progress, we will discuss the hours spent on the piece and negotiate possible payment from there.  Initial deposits are non-refundable, as they cover the cost of supplies purchased.  If you receive a finished piece that you are unhappy with, please return it to me and let me know how I can improve it.  I may be able to make changes at no additional cost, except shipping.  If you do not want me to improve the painting, return it to me and I will issue a 50% refund, less shipping.

Copyright & Copies

Copyright remains with Alyson Johnson Creative LLC unless I have expressly signed it over to you.  Owning the original painting is not the same as owning copyright and reproduction rights.

I reserve the right to take high-res photos of original work and make prints form those photos.  I sell print reproductions in my Etsy shop, where I make it clear that the prints are not original.  You keep the original as planned, and you have the only one.


Photo credit: Allison Mannella Photography